Wedding Planner

“To love someone deeply gives you strength, being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tsu

Planning a wedding should be a joyful experience, one to be relished and have fun with. Being well organised is the key to any successful event and weddings are no exception. This Wedding Planner is designed to assist in keeping stress levels at bay by helping you consider different aspects you many need to include or eliminate for your big day.

As leaders in hospitality rental equipment, Carlton Party Hire can help you bring your wedding to life with the right equipment whatever the location. Whether at home, on a beach or on a remote island, Carlton Party Hire have stunning marquees, products and sevices to make your day special. We recognise that your wedding is unique and while each branch has a range of packages to suit every budget, do not hesitate to discuss stylised options to suit your particular needs.

The Wedding Planner is available as a PDF download »

Getting started

  • Choose the date and time of day you want your wedding
  • Discuss a budget,the type of wedding you both want and who will pay for what
  • Compile an initial guest list with both families
  • Decide and book a location for the ceremony – contact Carlton Party Hire for marquee options
  • Decide and book a location for the reception – contact Carlton Party Hire for marquee options
  • Choose your attendants and ask them
  • If you are having ushers, decide on who they will be and ask them
  • Choose a master of ceremonies and ask him or her
  • Discuss details of the ceremony with the minister or celebrant
  • Decide on a colour scheme or theme and any decorations required

Decisions, decisions

  • Choose and book the caterer – will there be any hire equipment required?
  • Will there be food and beverage served at the ceremony? If so do you need to hire equipment for this?
  • Don’t forget a table, chair and tablecloth for signing the register.
  • Choose and book transport to and from the ceremony and the reception
  • Contact Carlton Party Hire and book tables, chairs, linen, glassware, crockery,cutlery, serving products, champagne buckets and punch bowls
  • Choose and book the florist – Carlton Party Hire has a large assortment
    of vases, plinths, urns and wedding arches available
  • Choose and book the photographer and/or videographer
  • Choose and book musicians/disco – is a stage and/or sound and lighting
    equipment required? Carlton Party Hire have audio visual equipment available
  • Choose invitations – post approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding
  • Choose the wedding attire and accessories including shoes –
    book in the fitting times
  • Choose style and flavour of wedding cake and order
    – Carlton Party Hire has cake stands and cake knives
  • Choose rings and engravings
  • Choose where to stay on the wedding night and make a reservation
  • Decide where the bridal party will dress on the day and make a reservation
    if necessary
  • Choose your wedding music for the ceremony – do you need to arrange a stereo
    or sound equipment?
  • Choose your music for the first dance and arrange someone to play it for you
  • Buy gifts for the bridesmaids and anyone who you feel has helped significantly
    with the wedding arrangements

It’s all about me

  • Organise fittings for the bridal gown and the bridesmaids outfits
  • Have at least one fitting complete with accessories and hair similar to how it will
    be on the day and make sure you are comfortable and can move in it
  • Discuss with your hairdresser a timetable leading up to the wedding and
    a practice run prior to the day
  • Organise a make up artist and have a trial run
  • Book an appointment with your dentist for a clean and polish
    (both bride and groom)
  • Book the wedding party in to have their hair and makeup done on the day
  • Arrange facials and nails to be done several times leading up to and on the day
  • If you should so choose, book in tanning sessions
  • Ensure you wear your shoes in at least a couple of weeks before the big day
  • Arrange for your engagement ring to be cleaned
  • Organise lingerie for the day / night
  • Organise an outfit to change into after the wedding if required
  • Are you having a hens or stag night – explain your wishes to the attendants
    organising these

The admin

  • Purchase a diary or note book and make sure you fill in all relevant tasks to be
    done by what date and keep a list of all contact names and numbers required
  • Apply for a marriage license
  • Compile a gift list and organise a register
  • Decide where you want to go on your honeymoon and organise transportation
    and reservations
  • Ensure your passports are valid if going overseas
  • If going overseas, arrange foreign currency, credit cards, visa and any shots
    if required
  • Arrange insurance for your rings, wedding gifts and honeymoon
  • Book time off work
  • Compile a list of acceptances and refusals, add a column for listing gifts
    for thank you cards
  • Purchase thank you cards
  • Start to organise a seating plan
  • If you want your seating plan displayed
    - contact Carlton Party Hire for easel hire
  • Book a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner
  • Write the wedding vows
  • Notify anyone who has to make a speech - Don’t forget to thank the bridemaids
  • Purchase place cards
  • Organise a wedding rate at a local hotel for out of town guests and advise them
    of the details
  • If necessary arrange for a house sitter while on your honeymoon or arrange
    for someone to care for the pets, water the plants and collect the mail
    The men – they really should have something to do!
  • Arrange wedding attire fittings with the groomsmen
  • Place money in envelopes and give to best man to pay the minister or celebrant,
    musicians etc
  • Ensure everyone is comfortable with their speeches
  • Book your hairdresser - best to make it the week leading up to wedding to avoid
    that “just cut” look
  • Confirm transportation (including getting back to the hotel after the reception)
  • Arrange the decoration of the vehicles
  • Organise to take the bride & grooms bags to go to the hotel and check them in
  • Arrange to transport the gifts from the wedding reception
  • Organise champagne during photo session (should you so choose)
  • Arrange for buttonholes from the florist separate to the ladies flowers
  • Don’t forget to thank the bridesmaids

Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

  • Finalise the menu with the caterer
  • Finalise all hire equipment with Carlton Party Hire, who will be signing for it
    and dealing with the pick up or return of goods

The final countdown

  • Chase late invitations
  • Arrange final seating plan and write place cards
  • Send a final list of guests to the caterer
  • Organise a final seating plan and place cards and give to the reception venue or caterer
  • Confirm the groom and groomsmen have all their responsibilities under control
  • Pick up all the wedding outfits and make sure they are pressed
  • Pick up the rings
  • Start a list of wedding gifts received prior to the day
  • Arrange a place at the reception to display gifts
  • Organise someone out of the wedding party to ensure place cards and table settings
    are in order and all the appropriate decorations are in order
  • Arrange for someone to sign in all the hire equipment from Carlton Party Hire
  • Pack bags for the wedding night and organise a groomsman to do the check in
  • Arrange for your going away outfit to be taken to the reception

Relax, smile and remember to enjoy your special day!

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